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Business profile

Leverkusen owes its name, its origin and its economic rise to chemistry. Nowadays other lines of  industry add to the successful mixture and contribute to the fact that the city has developed into an  excellent location within the economically strongest region of the European Union. In Leverkusen the  future has already started. Two important components are the promising sectors of  healthcare and innovative materials.

In the middle of the 19th century the pharmacist Carl Leverkus founded a chemical  factory along with a workers’ housing estate.  This was the origin of the city of Leverkusen  named after him and at the same time the  nucleus of the world-famous Bayer AG. Even  today the Bayer subsidiaries and spin-offs  Bayer Health-Care, Bayer MaterialScience,  Lanxess AG, Aliseca and Bayer Technology  Services are among the top companies of  the location and considerably characterize  the cityscape. They are all located on the  CHEMPARK site, one of the leading chemical  parks in the world and the location of competence on the Rhine.

However, the business profile of Leverkusen  is not determined by the global players from the chemical and pharmaceutical  industry alone, innovative mediumsized companies are also strongly  represented: metal processers, industrial  service providers and automotive supply  companies, plastic processing companies  and representatives of the future industries  of innovative materials, healthcare sector  and environmental technology ensure that  Leverkusen plays in the champions league  also from an economic point of view.

According to a study by the Contor consulting  company, Leverkusen is the only town in  North Rhine-Westphalia that made it into the  top 100 European locations with a population of more than 75,000, at nationwide  level it is even in place 5. Among the largest employers are TMD  Friction GmbH, a world-wide leading manufacturer of brake pads, the chemical group  Kronos Titan GmbH as well as facilities of  the healthcare sector. The latter include RNR  Medizinische Versorgungszentren GmbH  which operates at nationwide level, RehaTraining GmbH or MVZ synlab Leverkusen  GmbH. They complete the sound mixture of  industries consisting of efficient mediumsized companies.

A third of all regular employees covered  by the social insurance system work in the  processing trade. This strong production  basis attracts innovative industrial service  providers such as GIA Gesellschaft für  industrielle Automatisierung mbH, EMP  Planungsgesellschaft für Prozeßautomation  mbH or WeteA-Wasser-Technische Anlagen  Wilhelm Werner GmbH so that a sustainable  mixture of competencies can be met at the  location of Leverkusen.